Cleric/Engineer 7; Disciple of Zeiman/Walker of the Waste 5



Player Jacob
Race Hybrid Nagaji/Harrowed
Class Cleric/Artificer 7; Disciple of Zeiman/Walker of the waste 5
Amnesia Level 0
Campaign Kingmaker Main
Side Quest Aaqa’s Tale (Mummy’s Mask)
Innate Dread Necromancer
Sex Male
Age 37
Height 6 ft
Weight 140 lbs
Hair {color}
Eyes Red
Alignment CN


Aaqa was born as the son of Cirdan and Hel, who saw him as their way of influencing the world as their champion. When Cirdan joined the battles of the Abyss, Hel oversaw Aaqa’s delivery unto the world, leaving him with a necromantic follower of Hel. However after 4 years, a band of barbarians attacked Aaqa’s caretaker, fearing her dark powers, and took Aaqa as a child slave to serve them.

When Cirdan returned and heard of his child’s fate, he asked Okrite (who he has come to trust with many a secret and favors) to send out one of her followers to free Aaqa and continue to raise him as their own. Luna, an artificer follower of Okrite, took up the charge. When she came upon the tent of the leader, she discovered 9 year old Aaqa feeverishly stabbing into the leader’s chest and face…grinning as tears poured down his face.

After getting him to calm down, she brought him back to her home and tended to him. Aaqa refused to speak or acknowledge the new master, barely even eating. Even still, he couldn’t hide his curiosity. Over the first 7 months, Luna caught him peeking from the hallway whenever she began working and tinkering in her workroom. At the start of the 8th month, he finally came in and watched as she crafted a homunculus, and gave a little gasp when it started moving and coming to life. Luna smiled, and offered to teach him her crafts, and for the first time Aaqa spoke with a “Yes…please.” Over the years she taught Aaqa many forms of crafting, focusing on how to make things he needed to survive and defend himself, and he began to warm up to her and seemed to have a renewed energy and enthusiasm. She even showed him how to make his first Homunculus, Walter, to assist him in his future crafts.

Luna later had a daughter, named Reina Petrovna, with a cleric named Peter Fyodorovich. Aaqa was 17 at the time, and took it upon himself to act as Reina’s big brother and protected her and taught her just as her mother had taught him. In many ways, this family became more family to him than Cirdan or Hel, and so he took after them in following the teachings and styles of Okrite.

Even still, he inherited much from his parents and their marks became visible several times upon his transition into adulthood. In times of excessive rage, or whenever Reina was in danger, he’d feel a surge of strength and a flow of dark necromantic energy that pulsed into his skin and shone through his eyes. Afraid of what it meant, and fearing his new family would no longer accept him with these oddities, he tried to keep it hidden. It didn’t last long, as one day Reina was attacked by a wolf (which left scars on Reina’s arms, face, and ribs). Enraged, Aaqa slammed against it and broke its neck. Another wolf jumped atop of Aaqa, biting into his shoulder. To Aaqa’s surprise and horror, when he struggled and pushed at the wolf, the patch of flesh he pressed his hands against appeared to rot and blacken, weakening the wolf until it fell over nearly dead. Fearing what Reina would think, he hastily worked to heal and revive the wolves and send them on their way. When Reina did see the marks, she seemed more interested than afraid, wondering how he could affect the wolves life with just his touch. She thanked Aaqa, and promised to keep his secret as long as they worked to figuring out and learning how to use Aaqa’s strange abilities.


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