Karnush "Alavan Shaedes" Astrugar

Wizard / Cleric 6, True Necromancer / Agent of the Grave 6 (Amnesia)



Player Jonathan
Race Hybrid Forsaken Elf/Fetchling
Class Wizard / Cleric 6, True Necromancer / Agent of the Grave 6
Amnesia Level 0
Campaign Kingmaker Main
Side Quest Tale of the Necromancer (Homebrew)
Innate Dread Necromancer
Sex Male
Age 38
Height 6’1 ft
Weight 180 lbs
Hair White
Eyes Red
Alignment LE


Karnush Astrugar was raised by a family of humans within the lands of Chult. The family was of a decent size, consisting of a mother, a father, two daughters, a son, and Karnush himself being the youngest son. The Father and Mother both loved Karnush dearly, tending to him just as any other family would with the youngest child, but their other children found Karnush to be quite strange. They noticed at how he had come to have pale hair that threatened to be stark white, and yet was the youngest member. They also took notice as to how it took him much longer to grow older than a human was supposed to be. This resulted in a rift between Karnush and his siblings that he was ignorant to the source of, often believing he was somehow offending his older siblings in some mysterious way. This rift eventually extended to the children of other families within the local village, leaving Karnush to seek comfort in solitude. This lead to Karnush developing a habit of burying himself in reading books of all sorts of subjects he could acquire from the town Elder Kamila and vanishing away into secluded areas of the countryside to read in peace without the accusing glares of the others.
It was around the coming of his 28th birthday that Karnush was reading in one of his favorite spots by a lake in the late evening that something had caught his eye during his reading. Something was moving about in the lake near the shoreline where he was reading, and his eyes could barely make out the figure who was swimming about. After a brief pause he had discovered to his surprise that it was Tiana, the village Elders Daughter. She was bathing in the lake with the evening sun being still high enough to keep her warm enough to not fear a chill.
Now Karnush was quite familiar of the Elder, and had come to know her and the Elders daughter a good deal with his frequent visits to her home to request a new book, or to reread one again after a point in which he had read all she had to offer. Tiana was a pretty elven woman who had come to be the closest thing Karnush had to a friend within the village, other than the Elder who acted more as a hand of guidance for the young man. He of course had some feelings for Tiana, but had never come to act on them or ever voice them, having been a rather quiet young man.
Karnush could not help but stare at the elven woman for a short moment before closing his book and hoping to leave quietly as to not disturb her, or worse have her suspect him of peeking. After departing from the lakeside, Karnush soon came to understand from the cacophony coming from his village that that night was a night in which Tiana was to be named an official Shaman woman, a rather high honor that would lead to Tiana to later assume role of village Elder. Karnush was indeed happy for Tiana and hoped he would be able to speak with her to personally congratulate her upon her promotion. After the ceremony of Naming, Karnush worked to try and move through the crowd to speak with her after she had left, but found himself encircled by a series of men and women who wore heavy cloaks to hide their faces. One of them raised a hand and touched it to his chest and an odd compulsion came over him to follow the group away from the crowd and out of the village.
After walking a considerable distance, Karnush was brought to a clearing within the forest where others were gathered. At the center of this clearing the created a circle of blood from creatures and people of varying race and age. They placed Karnush at the center of this circle along with a series of bodies they had all of their blood drained from them. The leader of the group revealed an unholy symbol in the shape of a skull tipped scepter and placed a red hot brand against Karnushs skin, branding him with the symbol of their patron. Each began to speak a language that he only laer discovered was Abyssal and began to work to animate the bodies before Karnushs very eyes, his horror only balanced with awe at the power they displayed. It was cut short however as the cultists all began to revel and terrify him with the revelation that the undead they were creating will feast upon him as a sacrifice to their Undead Master, Orcus.
However, their sacrifice was interrupted as a collective series of attacks from both animals, plants, and spells erupted amongst the clearing. Those few cultists who had survived fled into the forest, leaving Karnush amid a collection of bodies and unconscious from the stress of the events having taken place. When he woke he found himself within the village Elders home being tended to by none other than Tiana, who soon explained to him that they had discovered his absence from the village and the animals had noted how he had been abducted and lead them swiftly to his rescue. They had discovered easily from the unholy symbols on the bodies that the cultists served Orcus, a Demon whom had resided within Bazek Mahl prior to the Emergence of the Night Serpent. They even had amongst them magical books that could only be tomes for wizards. Tiana advised Karnush to remain with her in the Elders home for a day or two to make sure no lingering damages were inflicted by the Necromancy wielding cultists. Over the course of a week, Karnush found himself being visited by Tiana, which of course he found nothing to complain about. Eventually the two grew closer, and Karnush worked up what courage he could to ask Tiana if she would like to go on a walk with him every now and then to his favorite spots to relax, excusing it under the pretense of a humorous joke that he needed her protection.
Their romance continued for some time after that week at the Elders home, the two often seen together in the village, often Tiana doing most of the talking as she had Karnush help her gather herbs, purchase goods from merchants, or even the occasional assistance of helping her prepare a poultice in order to tend to the sick and wounded. Karnush relished those moments with her whenever he could acquire them, often day dreaming while he worked his new job as the scribe for a newly constructed library within the growing village. During one of his day dreams of his courtship with Tiana, Karnush found himself perusing the different books added to the libraries stock. Many of them were written in odd languages that he taught himself to learn, such as the dreadful Abyssal Language, the elegant Elven, and so on. Amongst the books however were things Karnush had never encountered before, books that held written teachings on how one would use magic, and all the different schools of magic that existed according to whom you asked. Karnush was immediately obsessed with the series of spellbooks, learning the incantations and gestures for different spells. Eventually as he perused the books filled with spells he came across a tome filled with spells from the school of Necromancy, detailing how Necromancy worked power over the energies of life, death, the soul, and similar subjects. Karnush soon realized how if he were to learn enough Necromancy, he might be able to help the village by working side by side with the village healers to save lives. The first steps he would need to take however required him to learn how Necromancy effected the body.
Soon time began to pass by in a blur as Karnush balanced his relationship with Tiana and his studies. Soon enough a fateful day arrived that Karnush proposed to Tiana, who happily accepted. Their wedding was a small one between them, the village Elder, and his family. Now the wedding was one in which coincided with his new brides ways, and both were are skinned before the druidic rite of bonding the two together, which revealed the brand of the symbol of Orcus upon Karnushs body. His parents spoke nothing of it, too happy for their childs marriage, but his siblings were all too capable of noticing the symbol that all their history books depicted beside one of the most vile entities and enemies of their world.
A year had passed since their marriage, Karnush and Tiana both happy together and Tiana heavy with child. Karnush could not be a happier man, and had become much more sociable with the local people of his village as an excellent healer and partial alchemist who could help brew remedies for most minor ailments. He eventually had revealed his secret studies into arcane magics to Tiana, whom he feared would be angry with him, but was surprised that she encouraged him, and even brought forth the deceased bodies of animals who had been killed in hunts but deemed not worth the effort of taking hide or meat from, and helped him study the corpses in experiments to understand other ways to employ necromancy to serve the living as an aid. He soon had a rather fair level of income in combination of his work at the library and as the assistant to the Shamans, and had come across the matter that his siblings were coming across hard times as their parents had perished in the clutches of old age in their sleep. Karnush happily offered them some of his wealth to help them get by, but his siblings harbored a secret resentment towards their youngest brother, whom had been nothing less than an outcast not so long ago had become someone much more than they had become in their own time. This lead to a fateful night where Karnush and Tiana rested in their home, enjoying one anothers company as Karnush read to her from one of his collection of books her purchased from the library. Tiana had grown hungry, a common event due to her pregnancy, and requested that Karnush take a quick run to an orchard she was tending to outside to bring her something to snack on. When Karnush departed into the late evening, he was set upon by a group of men and women who beat him with clubs, tearing at his cloak to reveal the brand of Orcus and calling him a foul Necromancer who, like all of his kind that they had killed before in lynch mobs ages ago after the Emergence, must be killed. Karnush pleaded with them all to his best capabilities to come to reason and allow him to explain, but none would listen, and beat him into unconsciousness. When he had come to, he discovered his own home was caught within a great conflagration that the villagers were ushering with torches and pitch. His brother was leading the pack as they used heavy logs and stones to barricade windows and doors to prevent his screaming wife from escaping, chanting ‘Burn the Witch’ during the whole process. Karnush could do nothing but howl in horror at what was happening, and soon he felt the brand upon his skin burning anew, the horror slowly churning within him, his grief became vile hatred. It seeped into every pore of his body, his skin shifting to a dark color as he rose to his feet and spewed curse after curse at the villagers stupidity, their bias and their folly for doing this to people who were innocent and had helped the town for so long. The first to be the focus of his wrath was his brother who had already begun to turn the crowd to kill him next. His anger burned forth as he muttered the incantation and bent the will of his brother to his magic, and had him begin to quickly pummel multiple people with hs bare hands. The next was a group nearby that he sent sprawling in terror as the brand upon his chest burst forth with a mighty wave of negative energy that sent many of them onto their backs as the vile powers at work sapped their life forces. Before Karnush could begin another assault, the village Elder, stricken with grief at the sight of not only her daughters fiery demise, but also her son-in-laws obvious grief giving way to such destruction, sent forth a barrage of plants and foliage that rendered him unconscious once again. The rest of the mob had cleared out of the area, a good half of them having been either pummeled to death by the magic addled man or brought close to death by the life sapping energies Karnush had released for a brief moment. The Elder then extinguished the flames over Karnushs home and retrieved her dead daughter, bringing both her and Karnush back to her home. It was there that Karnush was awakened once more, heavily restrained and gagged. The village Elder and Karnush were not the only ones within the hut however. A group of armored men and women were also amongst them, and to Karnushs surprise and partial horror, all but one of them were undead creatures. The living member of the group was a woman who bore a symbol of Zeiman on a gauntlet, she had awaited Karnushs recovery and swiftly produced a black scroll with white writing inside. The scroll detailed the offer from the church of Zeiman, the False King of Souls, to Karnush for him to become a member of their clergy, and be given facilities within the nearest city of his village. The woman then spoke up and introduced herself as a Disciple of Zeiman, and wished to offer Karnush her greatest condolences at his losses, and offered him all he could imagine with her at Zeimans cathedral Zahak Kahl. Karnush, having calmed down and still drowning in his grief over the death of his wife and unborn child, accepted the offer in cold silence with a nod of his head. The Disciple swiftly removed his restraints and gave him a new set of armored robes to wear, with a complimentary gauntlet bearing the burning skull of Zeiman.
Many years had passed since that day, Karnush having long since left the village and the home that he once knew for the black cathedrals of Zeimans clergy, where he was trained in the arts of controlling his anger, learning to control it with dedicated meditation and study into the Necromancers arts that soon gave him a much colder demeanor, leaving him much more composed than he ever was. Over the years of his service to Zeiman, he has been offered quite a few times to become a Disciple of Zeiman, which many promised that with his talent could easily come to bear the Grand Cornu of Zeiman as his High Priest. He was honored and quite flattered the idea, and even contemplated it for some time, but he had other plans in mind, and becoming Zeimans high priest was not something that would help him perform the task, or if he did become the high priest, he knew quite well that he would only seek the position as a means to an end before relinquishing it. He instead furthered his pursuits to master the art of Necromancy, combining both the arts of divine magics vast powers over positive and negative forces, and the arcanes ability to channel eldritch forces to create shift and alter the soul or even destroy it. It was then that he learned the arts of what many called the True Necromancer, as he blended the skills of both divine and arcane together into one incredible combination that left many others in awe at the levels of power his spells reached on their own.
It was through these talents and reputation amidst Zeimans clergy that Karnush was given a special task from the High Priest himself. A mission to serve as an emissary for Zeimans clergy as they made use of a space ship and to transport one of Zeimans statues of power to the new planet to be settled upon. Karnush happily accepted the mission, and swiftly gathered his thing before departing for the ship, the mark of Orcus still upon his chest in a black scar, a reminder of his loss in a different life, and a promise for an end to a foe he knew would only cause more grief for those who studied Necromancy like himself. If he were to use this new planet as a means for forging his own country of Necromancers, then mayhaps he could create a home for not just himself, but for many others like him.

Karnush "Alavan Shaedes" Astrugar

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